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Lionel Stander: A Hollywood Story (PDF 392k)
Oct/Nov 2002
There's a photograph of my father, the late actor Lionel Stander, that I've kept in an album for years. He's posing at the side of a pool in some New York hotel gym with his gut sucked in and his chest puffed out, wearing nothing but a big smile and a little cotton loincloth. "The Champ," it says...

The Weird Decade
C-VILLE (Charlottesville, Va.) and several alternative newsweeklies in the Northeast
December 1999 and January 2000
If you're anything like me, you probably picture the progenitor of "News of the Weird" as a shaggy hippie holdover who spends most of each day at the beach lolling under a palm tree, with a cool drink in one hand and a joint--or at least a Cuban cigar--in the other. After all, it can't take much work to put together a bunch of press clippings about the bizarre things that people do, right?...

1969 Truffaut Film Inspires Two New Children's Books
Publishers Weekly
September 14,1998
Many authors claim that a book has grown out of a character or historical event sparking their curiosity and imagination. But surely few have been held in the grip of fascination for as long as Mordicai Gerstein, whose more than 20-year interest in a mysterious boy has yielded two books (and indirectly inspired several others)...

An Alternate View of Alternative Medicine: The Government's
Publishers Weekly
September 19, 1994
Not everyone, it appears, is in favor of books on alternative health. Opposition to their marketing, in fact, has come from an unusual source--the federal government. It would seem that the cross-merchandising concept, so successful in bookstores, could also be effective in health food stores. Who would object if books on herbs were placed next to the herbal supplements? The FDA, that's who...

Horticultural Eyesores
Weekly Almanac, Honesdale, Pa.
July 20, 1990
Being that I've been feeling a bit peevish lately, it is only fitting that I air my pet gardening peeves and vent my spleen at the most egregious landscaping atrocities. If you find yourself or a loved one to be a target of my comments, please bear in mind that my object is only to foster esthetic harmony...

Found Gardens
Weekly Almanac, Honesdale, Pa.
May 11, 1990
It seems as though everyone admires old-fashioned gardens, the kind that Grandma once had, filled with colorful, fragrant, hardy flowers. Yet when you try to buy the plants that Grandma grew, very often you can only find "improved" hybridized versions...

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